Accounting Leadership Accelerator

Professional development workshop series for emerging leaders in accounting

📈 Accounting Leadership Accelerator

Your client relationships have been cultivated over years, even decades, by delivering top-notch service and getting to know them on a personal level. Now, it’s critical that the rising leaders of your firm establish trust and build rapport with your clients. They eventually need to become rainmakers themselves. The future of your firm is at stake.

Today’s staff, seniors, supervisors, and new managers often don’t have strong people skills. They are technical experts, not necessarily great networkers.

Your rising leaders need a crash course in people skills. This three-part workshop series equips them to confidently network, communicate, and protect existing client relationships.

The tools and techniques they’ll learn can be put into action immediately. You’ll see a difference in their active listening skills, professionalism, and communication after just the first workshop.

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Workshop Overview

We’ve trained thousands of professionals around the world. These workshops are custom-designed to address the biggest skill gaps of accountants who are staff, seniors, supervisors, and new managers.

WORKSHOP 1 – Exhibit Confidence and Competence (Thursday, July 18, 11:30AM – 12:30PM CT)

Incorporate science-backed techniques to appear confident and competent in every interaction with clients, prospects, and internal colleagues. Participants will:

  • Clarify the key qualities of successful accountants and create an action plan to exhibit those qualities (ultimately building their own reputation and the reputation of your firm)
  • Improve public speaking and client pitch skills by strengthening body language and tone of voice
  • Prepare for being asked questions they don’t know the answer to
  • Proactively communicate, especially when working remotely, and know when to pick up the phone

WORKSHOP 2 – The Art of Networking & Small Talk (Thursday, August 1, 11:30AM – 12:30PM CT)

Create a networking plan to proactively cultivate meaningful relationships with clients and referral sources. Participants will:

  • Practice making small talk to find commonality with someone and to establish a personal relationship
  • Identify how they can take initiative to meet key people, and to make a great impression when they connect
  • Maintain relationships long-term by finding ways to add value to clients and prospects

WORKSHOP 3 – Become A Trusted Advisor (Thursday, August 15, 11:30AM – 12:30PM CT)

Become irreplaceable to clients (and firm partners!) by actively listening and skillfully navigating the difficult, and often critical, conversations that inevitably arise in professional services. Participants will:

  • Apply active listening skills to ensure everyone they interact with feels valued, heard, and understood
  • Practice leading difficult conversations, such as delivering bad news to a client or telling a partner when a mistake was made
  • Take a problem-solving approach when issues arise to demonstrate resourcefulness

Program Details - What's Included


Three interactive hour-long workshops delivered virtually


Reinforcement email nudges in between workshops to hold participants accountable


Online toolkit filled with resources, templates, and frameworks

Peer Advice

Learn best practices from your peers at other firms that you can bring back to your teams


Get individualized coaching in office hours in between workshops


Refresh yourself on key concepts with custom recordings of workshops


Firm leaders receive a trends report post-program with benchmarks and recommendations

Space is limited. Register today.

Meet Your Instructor: Elise Powers

Elise Powers trains professionals at the world’s leading companies, including Citi, Allianz, Sidley Austin, and Mayer Brown, on communication and networking skills. She’s led workshops and keynoted conferences around the world on the art of building long-term, mutually beneficial professional relationships.

Elise is the founder and CEO of Eleview Consulting, a Chicago-based firm that leads interactive workshops and coaching on emotional intelligence.

Elise has been featured in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and ABC News. You may recognize Elise from being LinkedIn Learning’s leading expert on communication and networking skills.

Space is limited. Register today.

What To Expect

→ Secure spots for your rising leaders by registering them for this unique and powerful leadership development opportunity

→ Excite them about this investment you’re making in their continued development

→ Join a preview call with Elise to see the key concepts taught in the workshop series (you might just learn something yourself!)

→ Hear about the transformative skills your teams take away from each workshop and office hour

→ Upon program completion, join a debrief call with Elise to hear about the key trends uncovered from participants and get recommendations on how to continue developing these leadership skills at your firm

Who Should Attend?

→ Staff, seniors, supervisors, and new managers

→ Emerging leaders who are starting to take over client-facing responsibilities

→ Accountants who need to improve their networking and small talk skills

→ Those seeking clarity on how to make themselves irreplaceable with clients


Registration cost is based on when you register (early bird or standard) and the number of attendees (1-3 attendees or more than 4 attendees).

Early Bird

1-3 people (register by June 28)

$990/per person

Early Bird

4+ people (register by June 28)

$890/per person


1-3 people (register by July 15)

$1,250/per person


4+ people (register by July 15)

$990/per person

CPAMiller Cooper

Content rich, energized message, authentic delivery, audience-focused, productive morning... knowledge transferred, and application is in progress!


I love these workshops. They're fun and really helpful. I enjoy the breakout component so we can compare experiences and discuss.

Financial Services Manager

I’ve really enjoyed reaching out to people more and found it surprisingly easy to start new conversations. So, thank you for the class!

New ManagerMid-Sized Accounting Firm

I’ve really enjoyed reaching out to people more and found it surprisingly easy to start new conversations. So, thank you for the class!

Vice PresidentCiti

Your candor and insights into developing one's professional reputation were incredibly valuable. I appreciate you carving out time to share these valuable lessons and frameworks.

Space is limited. Register today.

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