We equip your employees to take initiative, skillfully navigate complex interpersonal relationships, and take control of their professional development by making communication and relationship-building skills concrete and actionable.

Workshops For Individual Contributors

Define Your Personal Brand

Intentionally build a strong reputation by consistently exhibiting the qualities that are most valued by leaders, including thoroughness, reliability, and professionalism

Email Responsiveness and Modern Communication

Give peace of mind to your manager and clients with our email responsiveness model and present yourself in a way that builds credibility and trust through email, phone, video, and in-person interactions

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Confidently handle the delicate, and often stressful, workplace conversations of receiving difficult feedback, making a mistake, and addressing a workload imbalance

Own the Room

Prepare for and lead engaging business presentations with visually-appealing slides and a captivating presence

Focused Work in a Distracted World

Reduce distraction and feel more in control of your time with email management strategies, focused attention, and time blocking

Adapt Your Communication

Adapt your communication: Uncover your own communication style through a short assessment and discover how to adapt your working style based on the preferences of others

Manage Stress and Build Resiliency

Master mental toughness by reflecting on the primary drivers of stress in your life and apply neuroscience to better cope

Advocate for Yourself and Your Ideas

Promote yourself in a way that makes others equally as excited by finding the intersection of your goals, your manager’s goals, and business objectives

Internal Relationship Building

Proactively cultivate meaningful relationships within your organization to create a diverse personal board of directors that will guide you throughout your career

Demonstrating Active Listening

Incorporate active listening skills that demonstrate a willingness to hear other perspectives, understanding of key themes, and ensuring full alignment on next steps

Leverage the Power of LinkedIn

Position yourself as a thought leader by designing a strong LinkedIn profile and tapping into the LinkedIn algorithm to share content that gets seen

Workshops For People Leaders

Build Your Leadership Brand

Discover frameworks to coach, support, and delegate to more junior team members in a way that excites them about contributing to your team

Leading Difficult Conversations

Prepare for delicate, and critical, conversations with your team by practicing how you would respond to real scenarios (i.e., someone is offended, difficult feedback needs to be given, someone wants advice on an interpersonal dynamic)

Transform Your One-On-One Meetings

Maximize one-on-one meetings to increase people’s feelings of progress and direction; incorporate active listening techniques to ensure alignment on next steps

Build Your Professional Network

Proactively cultivate meaningful relationships within your organization, and externally, to create a diverse personal board of directors that will guide you throughout your career

Developing an Individualized Leadership Approach

Reflect on the communication preferences and working styles of the people on your team and identify the small, yet meaningful, adaptations you can make to boost collaboration and create a sense of belonging

Present With Authority

Upgrade your business presentations and public speaking skills with engaging slide decks and a confident presence

Manage Stress and Build Resiliency

Master mental toughness by reflecting on the primary drivers of stress in your life and apply neuroscience to better cope

Building Psychological Safety

Take intentional steps to cultivate a team environment where each person feels secure in making mistakes, sharing fresh ideas, and taking chances

The Power of Delegation

Unlock the power of your teams with a delegation framework that clearly defines expectations and provides opportunity for skill development


Our group coaching program is structured to encourage intimate discussion among a trusted cohort of 4-8 peers. Each session focuses on a specific theme, skill, or challenge based on a current-state needs assessment. Camaraderie is boosted among peers as participants are given the opportunity to learn from one another through ongoing conversations in a psychologically safe environment.

This program includes:

  • Needs Assessment: We conduct a current-state needs assessment to identify the themes for our group coaching sessions and provide leadership with a summary of trends
  • Five Group Coaching Sessions: These intimate, discussion-based sessions allow for reflection and experience-sharing among a cohort of trusted peers Accountability Nudges: Employees are reminded of the action items they committed to in their previous group coaching sessions through quick email nudges in between meetings
  • Recorded Summaries: A video summary of the key takeaways from each session is recorded by the facilitator and distributed to participants for refreshment and reinforcement
  • Executive Debrief: Leadership gets a comprehensive post-program report summarizing key data points, trends, and recommendations


Invest in the development of your employees through tailored private coaching engagements. Our expert coaches empower employees to take initiative, navigate difficult and complex interpersonal dynamics, effectively manage their time, and build trust with others. Coaches provide updates to the firm PD team on the key themes that have emerged, progress on skill development, and suggestions for ongoing growth.

Our individual coaching engagements are ideal for:

  • Employees struggling to master a specific skill
  • New managers who want to build a strong leadership brand
  • Employees who need to improve their presentation skills and professional presence
  • Employees who want to feel more in control of their professional and personal lives