Emerging Communication Trends in the Workplace 2022 Global Study

We’ve interviewed hundreds of executives and partners globally to understand which interpersonal skills are most valued by leaders. This insight and the data collected by working with dozens of law firms and companies across six continents is the foundation of this report.

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The most consistently valued interpersonal skills by executives:

  • Building strong, trusted relationships with colleagues and clients
  • Exhibiting reliability and thoroughness
  • Communicating effectively across email, video, and in-person interactions
  • Navigating critical conversations about feedback, mistakes, and workload imbalances in a professional and productive manner
  • Maximizing your time and productivity to reduce burnout

Use this report to:

  • Harmonize communication and understanding across all levels of your organization
  • Evaluate your current training & development initiatives to ensure you teach these interpersonal skills and clearly convey expectations
  • Discuss key takeaways with colleagues and initiate conversations about how to retain and develop your teams

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