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We believe in the power of young professionals and the results they can drive for the companies they work for. With the proper training, support, and structure, early career talent can be a company’s most energizing resource.


The Story Behind the Business

For the past decade, Elise Gelwicks has specialized in professional development and interpersonal skills.

In college, she started a company that helped undergraduate students land internships and jobs through networking. Sophomore year of college, she wrote and self-published a book about networking your way into any job you want and sold it to peers and parents of students.

Upon graduation, she worked for Kimberly-Clark and then became a management consultant specializing in change management.

She founded Eleview in 2017 to help professional services firms turn their young professionals into client-ready leaders. Elise leads workshops across the country and has been featured in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and ABC News. She teaches the course on professional networking for LinkedIn and is a sought-after speaker at universities, companies, and conferences.


Elise Gelwicks on ABC discussing COVID-19’s impact on the job market for students and recent college graduates.

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