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Elise is a great speaker and keeps the audience engaged during her talk. She did a great job including real-world examples that emphasize her points. I would recommend this workshop.
— Cameron, Workshop Participant

Our Purpose

We believe in the power of young professionals and the results they can drive for the companies they work for. With the proper training, support, and structure, early career talent can be a company’s most energizing resource.

InternView was started to bridge the gap between the skills and expectations between junior professionals entering the workforce and the companies who hire them.


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The Story Behind the business

As the founder of Eleview, Elise Gelwicks helps companies retain and develop their young professionals.

Elise has specialized in developing young professionals for almost a decade. In college, she started a company that helped undergraduate students find summer internships by leveraging their networks. After working at Kimberly-Clark and in management consulting she founded Eleview. Eleview helps companies elevate their young professionals by leading workshops on the essential interpersonal skills and by creating customized internship and onboarding programs. Eleview’s programs set those new to the working world up for success. 

Elise has been featured in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and ABC News. She teaches the course on professional networking for LinkedIn and is a sought-after speaker at universities, companies, and conferences.